ploc off

Innovation that combines the resistance and sealing of the steel can with the flexibility and easy handling of the plastic lid




Developed to preserve dry or powdered foods, such as soluble coffee, chocolate powder, nuts, powdered milk, sweeteners, supplements, amongst others; is a revolutionary closing system with a single plastic lid that can be opened without using any tools. With creativity, we combine the best characteristics of two materials: the strength, safety and beauty of the steel can lithograph, with the flexibility and easy handling of the plastic lid. Thus, our can offers, at the same time, safety in the conservation of the product and convenience in the handling of the packaging. Ploc Off is also sustainable: as the pieces are separated, it is possible to selectively collect the two materials.

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    Ploc Off Closing

    The closing system combines metal and plastic, and is distinguished by its high sealing which, on average, is 30 times more effective than other traditional closing systems. With the “ploc” noise, the sealing of the package is complete. In addition, through the detachable seal, its plastic lid is easy to handle.
    For the food industry, the product can be filled through the top opening of the can, which eliminates the re-sealing operation that occurs in conventional processes and promotes competitive costs.
    the consumer, the advantage lies in the efficient sealing of the reclosing, which guarantees the best preservation of the food and favors long-term consumption. It is easy to open and close and can be reused.

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