Conventional line

Metal gallons offer protection for the bottled material, easy stacking and added value to the final product.




Our line of gallons offers speed in the filling lines of industries, mainly paints, varnishes and chemical products; in addition to occupying less space in transport, storage and on store shelves and inventories.

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    As it is made of steel, it stands out for its high resistance to collisions and the incomparable quality of the lithographic printing of the label, which raises the standard of the brand's visual communication. Our gallon allows the progressive use of the paint, as it has our exclusive Plus closing system that brings instructions with step-by-step illustration of easy opening and closing.

    It has a sturdy handle that makes it convenient to transport and handle the product, and our electrowelding technology promotes the necessary tightness to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the product. Another point is the ring x cover system, which allows better and safer stacking of packages.


    We have a complete portfolio of metal packaging in different sizes and formats to adequately meet every need. Discover the ideal solution for your demand.