Innovative expanded packaging without a ring that guarantees easy opening and allows the full use of products with a higher density, such as putty.




The concept of this packaging provides a reduction in steel consumption, weight and carbon footprint during transportation. It is lighter than traditional gallons, with weight reduced by 27% due to the smaller diameter of the lid and the expanded body of the can, offering environmental and recyclability gains.

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    The TOP can has an exclusive closing system that combines a tinplate lid and a plastic ring that works as a single piece. The plastic lock on the lid enables it to be completely opened by hand only, without the use of a screwdriver, and its shape facilitates stacking, since the plastic lock fits under the can.

    The line also counts on the TOP Gun Can, which basically contains all the benefits offered by the TOP Can, however, it has a plastisol film in its lid that facilitates the storage of more fluid and lower density products. This package can also work attached to the gun/pistol that is used in mechanical workshops for the painting of vehicles and in civil construction works. It is indicated for the segments of automotive repainting or other types of painting.

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