Developed especially to be used in tintometric systems, the Biplus can facilitates the dyeing process and allows you to visualize the chosen color. It is a hit with retailers and consumers




» Streamlines customer service;
» Offers greater security;
» Convenient to open and close;
» Facilitates handling and dyeing of paint;
» Enables the visualization of the chosen color;
» The closure prevents the passage of oxygen and
ensures the shelf life of the paint.


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    The Biplus Closing system was specially developed for paints produced in tinting machines installed in paint shops and home centers. It offers safety and speed in the dyeing operation, and the transparent plastic lid (or bung) allows the consumer to visualize the chosen shade. In addition, the format adjusted to the locking system provides complete sealing of the package and prevents the passage of oxygen, guaranteeing the quality of the ink throughout its useful life, even after repeated opening and closing operations.


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