metal stoppers

Popularly known as the "bottle cap", it is the most efficient closure method for retaining the gas in any carbonated drink and preserving all its original properties until it is consumed.




We produce metal stoppers that offer safety and help to preserve the product, in addition to customizing the needs of customers so that they have greater visibility of the brand at the point of sale.
The metal stoppers can be smooth, have different colors or logos, and we serve from small to large volumes

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    The profile of the sealant must be compatible with the mouth of the bottle to ensure perfect sealing and our sealing elements comply with the provisions of ANVISA/MS Resolution – Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (National Health Surveillance Agency). The sealing is done through compression, a process that does not allow contact between the interior and the exterior, avoiding contamination by microorganisms.

    The metallic stopper maintains the physicochemical integrity of the product filled in the bottle until the moment of its consumption, and guarantees the security that the product has not been violated. This type of seal only comes out with the use of openers.


    We have a complete portfolio of metal packaging in different sizes and formats to adequately meet every need. Discover the ideal solution for your demand.