They combine high resistance with ease of transportation, safely serving the filling of chemical and food products






Our metallic packages in square and rectangular formats have a superior thickness of steel, having enough rigidity to resist falls and the risk of crushing. They follow a rigorous manufacturing process, based on technical studies to ensure protection and safety in the transport of highly toxic chemical products, and must be properly stored. They are ideal for water-based and solvent-based paint, thinners and sealers; and in the food category for packaging products such as soy oil, lard, margarine and vegetable fats.

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    The cans have a ring, seamed bottom and electric welding on the side that guarantee safety, and the design of the lid facilitates the process of filling and opening and closing. The formats and the minimum solder reserve make the label design and lithograph more evident. Our packaging and its components are subjected to tests and inspections, according to the guidelines set out in the Quality Management System, and follow the recommendations of NBR 6665 and NBR 5426 standards. The square can is available in 18 liter capacity and the rectangular can in 4 and 5 liter capacities.

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