Can decorated with high definition and digital printing made directly on steel.





Decor Top is part of our range of decorated and personalized packaging produced in different formats and in minimum print runs to cater for micro to large companies, as well as individuals.

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    With our high-definition digital printing technology made directly on steel, we accurately ensure the sharpness of the designs, images and color tones required in the layouts of the labels, bringing sophistication and unique characteristics to the presentation of any product.

    Meets the demand for giftable, commemorative and promotional cans, such as for birthdays, christenings, weddings, corporate and year-end parties, amongst others.

    It is a package with a metal lid and the exclusive TOP Closing system (Total Open) that offers transport security and prevents the entry of light that can alter the original properties of the packaged product, in addition to being a package that adds quality and value, in addition to to promote the brands' perpetuity, since the stamped cans are always reused, collectibles or are part of the decoration of the environments.


    We have a complete portfolio of metal packaging in different sizes and formats to adequately meet every need. Discover the ideal solution for your demand.