Practical and easy to use, steel aerosols guarantee the safety and integrity of bottled products and are increasingly present in consumers' daily lives.





We produce steel aerosols with different diameters – 52, 57 and 65 – and in different heights and volumetric capacity (ml) to serve markets such as cosmetics, paints, lubricants, cleaning, hygiene and insecticides. Our line has a double layer of internal varnish that provides greater protection against oxidation; in addition to the possibility of PET coating on the dome and on the bottom, which increases the product's lifetime (longer shelf life) and protection against any type of attrition during transport and storage, as well as being an excellent barrier against corrosion, resisting humid and hot environments.

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    Our aerosol packaging is designed to offer comfort and practicality to the user during application. It allows for different internal filling pressures with guaranteed safety, it preserves the characteristics of the filled product and the coating applied to the dome and bottom prevents rusting.

    Our aerosol has a strong visual appeal due to the high quality of image printing and, technically, they are packages that stand out for guaranteeing protection and safety.


    We have a complete portfolio of metal packaging in different sizes and formats to adequately meet every need. Discover the ideal solution for your demand.